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Amanah Counselling incorporates spirituality within the therapeutic process. Mainstream counselling looks at mental and physical well being but does not include the spiritual aspect. Amanah provides an opportunity to explore the spiritual, psychological and emotional needs within the Islamic and cultural framework.


Our Service was born from the realisation that the Muslim community is in dire need of reviving the tradition of seeking guidance and advice in relationship difficulties and personal issues. 

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Our Founder, Abeda Ahmad, has a Masters Degree in Development Studies and English Literature. She is a Relate Counsellor as well as a CEDR Accredited Mediator. She has extensive experience of working with Individuals and Families, including those who have children with special needs and disabilities. 

Abeda is also a Relationship therapist with a specialism in Psychosexual Issues in married couples. She also works with Muslims who struggle with Sex and Pornography addiction. She has specialised in Addiction counselling from the Institute of Sex Addiction Training, becoming the first Muslim counsellor in the United Kingdom to have this qualification. She is an Accredited Approachable Parenting Facilitator and speaks extensively in the community about issues that are considered taboo and difficult. 

Passionate About Helping Others

Abeda’s passion is to work with individuals, couples and families with an Islamic perspective. Her approach is warm, engaging and non-judgemental and she offers immediate feedback and practical tools to deliver timely results.

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